Australia’s Association for Natural Sausage Casings

Who are we?

Natural Casings Industry Australia (NCIA) is a representative body consisting of the major natural casing companies in Australia, and works hard on relationships between the major importers, exporters and producers of natural casings in Australia and Government and Industry authorities on things such as free trade and compliance regulations.

All NCIA members companies operate under strict HACCP guidelines to ensure that all hygiene best practice are adhered to, so you can rest assure when dealing with an NCIA member casing company you are dealing with a well-run, clean, green organisation that stands by their product and all Authority regulations, to ensure a safe and wholesome product is supplied.

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Globally Aware

Whilst our activities are primarily focused on our local Markets we are also playing our part on the world scene too. As such, NCIA is an active member of the International Natural Sausage Casings Association


INSCA is the international association of producers and dealers of natural sausage casings. The focus of our actions is the support of the natural casings industry all around the world. INSCA serves its industry with great passion in the areas of networking, scientific research, free trade and the promotion of natural casings worldwide.

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Members Blog

Natural Casings, The Quality Choice

Have you ever thought about the skin around a sausage rather than just concentrate on the meat that is in the sausage? For thousands of years natural casings have been used as the perfect food packaging solution, and are continuing to prosper even when cheaper artificial solutions are available.  Why?………….. Well naturally, Mother Nature always…